Alaska is known for its world-famous sustainable salmon runs. In the 1970's, in an effort to promote long-term sustainability and management, the State of Alaska, coastal communities, and fishermen alike came together to develop an innovative aquaculture program that would serve Alaskan users - subsistence, commercial, sports, and public use - for generations to come, and also contribute to Alaska's status as an economic powerhouse in the seafood markets at home in the U.S. and abroad. Armstrong-Keta, Inc. was created to be a part of this phenomenon.



The hatchery has the character of a small village, nestled along the shoreline of Port Armstrong between the bay and the steep hillsides. The facilities have grown organically over the years as the hatchery production has increased.

Three incubation buildings and ten outdoor rearing raceways contain the fish, along with over fifty saltwater net pens for short-term rearing prior to release. A shop building and two hydropower buildings support the operation.

The hatchery staff lives in a variety of single-family residences as well as two float houses, an apartment, and a small bunkhouse.  


Administrative Staff

Bart Watson - General Manager

Victor Weaver - Assistant General Manager

Angie Bowers - Operations Manager

Brooke Volschneck - Accountant

Abbey Bennett - Administrative Assistant

Hatchery Staff

Ben Contag - Hatchery Manager

Joel Hughes - Maintenance Manager

Gavino Roa - Assistant Hatchery Manager

Dasha Contag - Environmental Technician

Kevin Young - Fish Culturist I

Blaze Smith - Fish Culturist I

Ryan Jarvill - Fish Culturist I

Davin Houk - Maintenance Technician I

Cameron Willis - Hatchery Technician

Mike Upcraft - Hatchery Technician

Anne Garcia - Hatchery Technician

Miguel Garcia - Hatchery Technician

Hillary Sheehan - Hatchery Technician

Isaac Clark - Hatchery Technician




Armstrong-Keta, Inc. Board of Directors

Lon Garrison - President

Jim Seeland - Vice President

Harold Thompson - Treasurer

Bart Watson - Secretary

Jared Bright - Board Member

Cory Gifford - Board Member

Dean Haltiner - Board Member

Peter Mooney - Board Member

Jim Moore - Board Member